b l u e   a n d   w h i t e
The blue and white pottery is hand
painted stoneware.  Cobalt is applied
using a variety of brushes, and
sometimes flat applications of blue are
scratched through to create
white-in-blue designs.  My patterns
and designs are inspired by nature.
a large mug with ( reading
down from the rim)
seaweed, plain band, lace,
and rainforest patterns
another large mug, with little
leaf and fan patterns
a pitcher with the
dragonfly design
this lidded jar has a
meandering path pattern
above herringbone and hearts
a one of a kind tall fan vase

collection of the artist
a large hanging plate
decorated with peonies

click image to enlarge
for centuries in China the peony was
considered to be "the Emperor's flower."  In
ancient times the peony was drawn with
fairly botanical accuracy, but as the
centuries passed, the peony grew more and
more stylized -- it lost it's "earthly ties" to
better express the Emperor's being a direct
descendant of Heaven.  The design on the
plate to the right was inspired by the peony
in T'zu Chou ware.
more fine craft plates with nature-inspired patterns:
pine with braid
leaf & trillium
feather & trillium
fans & star
and a pitcher with
seaweed and
twined flower
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