c a r v e d   p o t t e r y
When the clay and the gouge are at
just the right moment for each other
carving feels right to the hand, the eye
and the heart and every mark has it's
own perfection captured in stoneware
that can last for generations.
the pinwheel design comes
from each tool knowing what
it wants to do & what it can
bring to the picture.  
a chevron carved vase.  with
the carved pieces, the
judicious use of contrasting
and complimentary glazes
completes each piece.
the meandering path
pattern on this lidded jar
was incised with a steel
etching needle, a tool from
my husband's atelier
a vase inspired by ancient
bronzes and designs that
originate in nature
a vase with the fan pattern
a pinwheel pattern vase, the
design applied by  
an orchid pot
don't read this.  office use only