m a r s h   d r a g o n f ly
in 2006 I returned from a year in Japan
in love with natural edges, organic
shapes and earth tone colours, all
things found in the coastal marshes
and riverine wetlands which surround
Otter Creek and comprise so much of
what is beautiful here in South Eastern
New Brunswick -- my inspiration for the
marsh dragonfly glaze.  
an ornamental piece, this is
a large hanging plate --
approximately 16 inches
long -- with the marsh
dragonfly glaze
a 4-cup teapot.  the overhead
handle is easier on the wrist
when pouring
a footed, square utensil vase
an oval vase, suitable for
ikebana floral arrangements
a more traditional vase form
a shallow serving bowl
an izakaya dish. izakaya is
Japanese for a cozy little
neighborhood pub where
small portions of delicious
foods are cooked to order and
presented on ware that is
casual, yet pleasing to the eye
rest area. no overnight parking