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     Bob Morouney is disinclined to talk
about his 1987 BA in Eng Lit, or his Fine
Arts studies 1999-2003, ditto Japanese
2003-5, all at a university in Canada's
Atlantic Provinces though he cannot mention
which due to a restraining order. Bob
admits he instigated Hidden House Press,
his infamous printmaking atelier, in 2004.
He faked his death from 2005-6 to study
shodō with Nakamura Shouin in Funabashi,
Japan, and engrave at the Machida City
Printmaking Museum. From then until now
Bob’s unwittingly participated in numerous
group exhibitions. He’s had at least as
many solo exhibitions as one can count on
both hands after a minor industrial accident.
His work is in the provincial Art Bank
collecting interest. An experienced
workshop leader, Bob’s also participated in
uncounted vagrancies, absences, and
several residencies in Canada and Ireland.
In 2015, Bob’s The Red Book, a poetry
manuscript, unaccountably won first place
for the Alfred G. Bailey Prize.  Potter
Rachel Morouney married Bob with a BDD
(Best Divorce Date) still some years in the
future. They live in Otter Creek, NB. Their
motto is: art puts beauty into the world,
pottery puts food on the table.
Bob Morouney bio from the feature film, almost human