f i g u r e s   A   t h r u   Z
The seated and prone female nude has been a commonplace in much of art's
history, most often as an object for exploration and abstraction thanks to it's strong
rhythmic, resonant, and unavoidably engaging qualities.
In ​
figures A thru Z ​ twenty-six seated, reclined, and recumbent figures illustrate
states of mind.​  They are presented as footnotes to the text of life.

All works are watercolour, white gouache, and ink on pages from an edition of
Tacitus, hand set on handmade paper in Paris in 1811. Images 18 x 10 cm.
figure A
figure B
figure C
figure D
figure E
figure F
figure G
figure H
figure I
figure J
figure K
figure L
figures M thru Z will return subsequently.