H a y,   S t r a w   a n d   R u s h e s
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"In the spring of 1990 the Pandemonium
Ministry of Culture sponsored a joint
Japanese - Canadian archaeological dig in
the peat bogs of County Mayo, Ireland, the
ill-fated Gort Rua Expedition

"Using new sensing technology developed
in Japan -- a revolutionary form of  'ground
radar' -- the peat yielded a multitude of
delicate, never-before-seen artefacts.  
These included numerous mysterious
objects of unknown purpose woven from
native plants, and at least one perfectly
preserved human body -- the apocryphal
Gort Rua Bog Man.

"The expedition ended after a mere three
months,  the members of the expedition
scattered and largely unaccounted for, the
wherebouts of the records and recovered
artefacts unknown.   For decades the Gort
Rua Expedition became nothing more than
a myth, a fiction inseparable from rumours
of incredible treasures, unearthly horrors,
high-level conspiracies, sex. drugs, and
rock & roll.

"After nearly 35 years, a single member of
the Gort Rua Expedition -- the expedition's
Canadian artist -- has stepped forward with
his incredible story."
from the introduction to the book,
Hay, Straw and Rushes:  The Gort Rua
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images are stick & india ink
on Fabriano watercolour paper

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