H I D D E N   H O U S E   P R E S S
Bob Morouney began life as a foundling left with
the nuns of the infamous Red Chrysanthemum
Monastery in western Mongolia.  Sold to yak-
herding nomads at a tender age, he was
“rescued” by Irish mercenaries-turned-tomb
robbers.  After the shipwreck, he made his way
from Sable Island to New Brunswick where he
currently operates Hidden House Press while he
plans his revenge.
the Story
the Place
  Established in 2005, Hidden House Press grew
around a 1/2 ton etching press.  With a heavy press
comes heavy responsibility.
 All processes used in the atelier are
environmentally responsible and artist-safe,
smoke-free, pet friendly, apolitical,
non-denominational,spine-tingling, hard-rockin',
beer-fueled naturalized Canadian vegetarian come in
don't mind the dog she's friendly.
the Studio Gallery
   The Studio Gallery offers works for sale from
both Hidden House Press and Hidden House
Pottery.  Drop in.  We're usually here with
all-original artwork all the time, but our regular hours
are Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm.  
Friday through Sunday please call ahead to ensure
your uniquely entertaining and educational visit with
two professional artists who dwell down a short dirt
road in the sheltering Canadian woods.
getting there
   Although we like to think Hidden House Press is
everywhere, in reality our physical presence is
currently confined to:

   136 Moore Road Extension
   Otter Creek, NB

Otter Creek is perilously close to Port Elgin, NB. If
you find one, you're likely to step on the other.

To find us with Google Maps search for
E4M 3V6

or call us for directions:  506 538 7640